Bridal Hairstyles

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is so much fun and I find that looking for that bridal hairstyle is just as fun! Hairstyles depend on what your dress looks like, length of your hair, shape of your face and style of your wedding. Here are my top 5 hairstyles for brides:

1) Low bun is very pretty and so many different things can be done with this concept. It is great if you want to have a tight or messy bun, more volume or less volume. A low bun is pretty for vintage themes or even dresses that have a minimal embellishments. Someone who has a fuller face, might want to stay away from this style because it will emphasize it.

2) Half Up/Half Down is great for a strapless dress where you may want to cover your back but allow the front details of your dress to shine! This is a more traditional look for a bride who wants something very simple but still elegant.

3) Fish Tail scream bohemian and destination wedding! It is for a modern bride looking to be unique and try something new. This is a very detailed look and would be nice for someone with a simple dress.

4) Long Curls/Waves gives volume and vavavoom, a bride with thick and very full hair who wants to use her volume to her advantage by keeping her hair down with a mixtures of curls and waves highlighting her face. I love this style for a winter wedding. During the summer, this hairstyle would get too hot and would lose its curl so best when colder.

5) Mixture of Braids & Waves is a very hot trend for 2015. Braids are great for the summer time to give structure and frame your face but keep your hair out of your face during those hot summer days. There are so many varieties of braids which can be done from small and thin to large and thick.

Brides, these are just examples of the many hairstyles you can do for your wedding day. You can create your own style that matches your face, dress and wedding theme. Ensure you are clear with your hairstylist – bring as many photos as possible to the consultation. Don’t forget to do your research and complete a trial. Make sure you are happy with the hairstyle before your big day – it is your day and you want to feel beautiful!


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