Bridal Makeup

In spring time, brides start contacting their makeup artists for trial consultations before their wedding. This is a great opportunity to see what the makeup artist can do with your beautiful features and how it photographs in your engagement or bridal shower photos. Although makeup for your engagement shoot may be more dramatic than your wedding day, it is still important to know what you are hoping to achieve when meeting with a makeup artist.

Below are some ideas of the type of looks you can go for on your wedding day that enhance your beautiful features.

Natural – whether you have brown, blue or green eyes, a natural look means using lighter colours such as pinks and peaches on your eyes and lips to bring out your colour. It is keeping it soft and subtle without being overpowering so you don’t feel like you are a different person with makeup on. This is great for someone who wears little to no make up every day.

Smokey – when asking for a smokey look, it is all about the eyes, emphasizing your eyes to make them POP! A smokey look is perfect if you wear makeup often but want to add more definition and detail. A smokey look will incorporate a lot of browns or blacks to darken the look which will further make your features much more visible.

Dramatic – drama, drama, drama, this look is about the eyes, cheeks and lips, you want it all to stand out! Dramatic looks can be for those brides you don’t wear anything but want to look completely different on their wedding day. If having a halloween wedding, a dramatic look would work well to fit the theme! Dramatic looks incorporate contouring, shaping and other techniques to further change your features. Again, dramatic looks use darker shades and colours to make features POP!

As always, it is important to gather as many ideas as possible to show your makeup artist so they can see your vision. As someone who worked in the beauty industry for almost 10 years, women think they know what they want until they see it on. Don’t be afraid to go and test different makeup styles out at stores such as The Body Shop, MAC and Sephora – it gives you a better idea before your have your trial. Be honest, tell the makeup artist what you do and don’t like so you can leave the trial being happy and confident you made the right decision for your big day!

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