Common Wedding Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

We want to help you by letting you know the top 5 mistakes brides make when planning their wedding without a wedding planner. These mistakes can cost you more than if you hired a planner and allowed their expertise to create the wedding of your dreams! Here are some situations to avoid:

1. Not asking the right or enough questions – a lot of people are guilty of not asking a lot of questions to find out the background of a potential vendor and how they will be on your wedding day. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do your research, go prepared with a list of questions and keep asking through the entire process. You want to ask as many questions as possible to make sure you feel secure when booking with that vendor. You want to protect yourself and ensure everything goes flawlessly so ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS!

2. Spending too much money – both the bride and groom should take the time to sit down and set a wedding budget that works for their life and the style of wedding they desire. Do not feel pressured to spend money to appease your family or friends – this is your day! As well, you should not let people in the industry tell you how much you need to spend. You need to feel comfortable spending as much or as little as you want without the pressure. Remember to set a budget and stick as closely to it as possible.

3. No involvement from the groom – yes it is BOTH your special day but not having any involvement from the groom and the day reflecting both of you can lead to disaster. You want to groom to feel like his opinions and feelings are being heard. This shouldn’t mean the groom turns into groomzilla but conversations between the bride and groom need to be happening weekly, set out what is important to both people and ensure you follow that when planning. Always talk, communication is the key here.

4. No personal touches – when guests attend your wedding they expect to see a reflection of the couple. They don’t expect to see something so different from the couple that is unrecognizable. You should want to add elements that represent you whether it is in the ceremony or the reception. It doesn’t have to be a full theme but as long as their are personal touches that people will walk in thinking “this is so ______ & ______ .” Come up with what makes your relationship unique and incorporate it into your day.

5. Forgetting the bigger picture – at the end of the day, do not forget that your wedding is about the union of you both. You are celebrating the love you share and all of the wonderful adventures you will go on together married. That being said, don’t let arguments get in the way of your happiness. Don’t let money stand between having a great party that works for you both. Don’t break down, stress out or alienate the loved ones in your life because the wedding overwhelms you. Ask for help and know its suppose to be fun and about your love.

I hope this gives you perspective as you plan your special day.


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