Engagement Photo Session Ideas

It’s the first day of spring, yaya! After a long winter, it is the season all Canadians look forward to before the heat of summer. This is the time of year that photographers crave going on adventures with their couples to take beautiful engagement photos! As a couple, you might ask yourself, when do you take engagement photos? Where do we go? What do we do?  What do we wear? Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera so after planning my own engagement photos last summer, I thought providing tips on how to go about planning your engagement photos would be helpful.

First, think of all the activities and places that mean something to you and your significant other. It might be the place you first met (i.e. a coffee shop, school, restaurant) or an activity that you both enjoy (i.e. hiking, biking, travelling). This will determine the theme, style and feel of what you want to achieve with your photos. Depending on your answers, you will be able to decide on when to take photos (and of course discuss with your photographer!). For ourselves, we love the heat and summer so we knew we wanted to take advantage of that. We also love weekend road trips and found the most perfect lavender field (Terre Bleu Lavender Farm) while driving an hour west of Toronto. It was love at first sight; purple is not only my favourite colour but also the dominate colour for our wedding so for us, it was the perfect location.



As soon as we knew the location we had to figure out when was the best time to take the photos. We called the farm and they recommended late July, early August as that is when the lavender would be the tallest. Lavender is a tricky plant as they require little water and a lot of heat. This was perfect for what we were hoping for so we got ourselves a permit to shoot at the location! Next task on the list was to determine what were we going to wear.




Determining what to wear was challenging! Knowing we were going to a lavender field, we didn’t want to complete with the beautiful scenery but we didn’t want to get lost in it. We decided we wanted two different looks. The first was going to a be formal look and the second a casual look. For the formal look, we decided we were going to go bold! I had found the prettiest bright pink dress and I couldn’t resist. Since I was going to be in something bright, Robert was going to have a complementary look. We decided light blue and grey would go well not only with the pink but the purple as well. For the fun and casual look we decided on neutral colours to allow the purple to shine. A long flowing dress was key! It was not only comfortable but as the afternoon cooled there was a bit of wind and made for very pretty photos. This was also when I contacted my hair and makeup artist for my trial. A trial is excellent so you discuss your makeup and hair styles for your wedding day and test them out. ES Bridal did my hair and makeup, of course different from my wedding day look, but dolled me up to feel my best. Ultimately, you have to find outfits and looks that you feel comfortable in, that compliment you so you are confident and powerful in your photos!




Now that we had the location, style and clothing all sorted out I thought it would be great to have an activity for us to do while we were taking photos. Being a lavender field, a picnic seemed perfect! I reached out to a local florist (Hana Floral Design & Co.) for a bouquet, boutonniere and 2 floral arrangements to add some colour to the field. I told her my colour scheme, inspiration photos and vision so she can do her magic. I then went to Home Sense to purchase a blanket, candles, crates and lanterns – any picnic items I could find. To top it all off, I went to a local bakery (Sorelle & C0.) to grab some delicious treats, the perfect finishing touch to the scene. We brought a bottle of champagne from Two Sisters Vineyard and our engraved champagne glasses and we were ready to take photos! It allowed us to be as natural as possible while our photographer (Emily Christine Photography) was snapping photos.




The most important part of engagement photos? HAVING FUN! Be yourself, enjoy the moment with your significant other and create memories you will always remember! In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are together. We love our engagement photos! We think they really represent us and our relationship – bright, fun, adventurous, and full of love!



All photos by: Emily Christine Photography (www. emilychristinephoto.com)

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