How Visions Come To Life

Some people may ask, how do planners do it? How do we plan, coordinate and execute these great birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and so much more!

Well I know for Classy Affairs, inspiration is found through many different avenues. We find ideas and inspirations from the most obvious source, PINTREST. It is such a great tool when planning any event because the amount of creativity and inspiration that can come from it is endless.

We also find inspiration from MAGAZINES which can be browsing through personal interests such as fashion, jewelry, hair styles or home decor.

Lastly, through colleagues. Everyone sees a vision differently and creates new concepts that keeps you on your toes. Seeing what others have created on INSTAGRAM is a huge source of inspiration for a vision. It can give light to creating something new and different just by seeing their work.

Once the vision is confirmed, it is about all the little details that go into bringing that vision to life! That can take time but in the end is well worth it. We encourage brides and bridesmaids to look at all these resources to pin down what ideas and inspirations they have! This helps the creative planning process to blossom and continue to be ever changing!

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