Old World Vintage Travel Engagement Party

Everyone knows that at the end of 2017, the owner and lead planner of Classy Affairs, Tanya finally got married! Want to know what it was like as a wedding planner planning her own big day? There were a couple of special events before the big day that we’re going to share with you before the reveal of their special day. Hopefully they give you ideas and inspirations as your embark on your fabulous journey to the alter. Let’s go back to November 2016 and start there!

Engagement parties are not done too much now a days. For both Tanya and Robert, families who didn’t really know one another that well, it was important to have one. They wanted to bring together both sides to become more familiar with each other and celebrate in this wonderful time – THEIR ENGAGEMENT!

When thinking of a theme for the party, it came down to what do they both like? Well, Robert was huge on travelling to places like London, Paris and Dubai and Tanya as well traveled a lot not only as a kid with her family but as an adult. To be honest, Tanya really loves anything pretty! The idea of an old world vintage travel theme was the perfect combination of what they both loved! It was going to be soft and pretty with blue and white combined with gold accents.


The first step to any event? A venue! Chateau Le Parc in Vaughan recently opened when they went to go and see it and instantly both of them fell in love with their restaurant. Venue, check! Now onto the details, first came the invitations. Tanya loved Paper Damsels’ work and reached out to her to create the perfect travel invitation set as well the day of stationary; seating arrangement, table numbers and table menus. Another item, check!


The next thought, decor and flowers. To achieve the old world feel, vintage decor was a must! The perfect stop for both flowers and vintage decor was Country Lane Floral Design & Vintage Rentals. The milk vases with beautiful flowers for the guest tables, cascading flowers from the entry desk and arrangement on the head table were all from them. Flowers and decor, check! Robert and Tanya then spent the summer going to antique shows where they found vintage items; globes, luggages, cameras, books and other little details to give it the vintage look.


With all of the styling items set and ready to go, Tanya enlisted her favourite calligraphist, Love Lettering by Doris Wai to create some gorgeous pieces for her. She took old items and made them beautiful with her wording! What is go great about these items is that they will go with you wherever you go! Tanya and Robert have her signs over their home and its a constant reminder of the wonderful day. Last but not least, who has an engagement party without a cake? Said nobody! Robert and Tanya entrusted Cristina from The Sweetest Thing Cakes to design the most fitting and perfect old world travel engagement cake and flower lollipops! Absolutely stunning!


Everything came together as wonderfully as they had imagined. From the fantastic food, family and friends to share in their happiness and everything looking amazing, it was an afternoon they would always remember! Emily Christine Photography captured the entire event beautifully. All the hard work and planning of Tanya from Classy Affairs, made it all worthwhile. Onto the next big event, stay tuned for Tanya’s Favourite Things Bridal Shower.


All photos by Emily Christine Photography – www.emilychristinephoto.com

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